Important tips to consider when hosting social media giveaways in Dubai

Giveaways are something we come across regularly on the social media feeds. Brands follow this approach to increase the engagement of their profiles and tap on to a new set of audience in a cost-effective manner. Since it has become something mainstream on current social media ecosystem, there are few areas brands/ businesses should focus on while hosting a giveaway.

Why brands organizing giveaways?

There is not any ideal time to offer a giveaway for your fellow customers. Mostly businesses organize giveaways to improve followers and increase brand awareness for a new product or service. Second option is a perfect move and I would prefer that increasing followers from giveaways is not always effective. You will find the reasons for it on the middle of this article. However, if your business requires to cross a milestone sooner (reaching 1000 followers) or if you are ready to launch something new, giveaways will be a better option to try on.

Display the message and the gift clearly on the creative

Giveaway can be initiated easily once the gift is decided, and the winning steps are specified. In order to communicate it to the audience, creative has to be made in a prominent way.

Especially when you run a giveaway on Instagram, display the procedure simply on the creative itself. Some posts are published just only with the heading GIVEAWAY and mention the steps on the caption. It will not be a thumb stopper for the feed scrollers and majority of them will not read captions. Therefore, engagement rate will be low, and post will get minimum responses.

Display the gift on the background and simply list the steps in point form like this.

Ex: -

I. Comment your favorite product & Tag 3 friends

II. Follow us / like us

III. Share in a story

Use appropriate hashtags

Hashtags play a vital role on every giveaway. People search from the relevant hashtags and engage with the giveaway posts. Never forget to add giveaway related hashtags on the posts.

#GIVEAWAY #dealoftheday #Offers

Target offer related audience when boosting

Instagram and Facebook offer multiple detailed targeting options related to the giveaways. Blend them with the product related detailed targeting segments (behaviors, interests, demographics) and run the ad.

Running ads from the Facebook Ad Manager platform will be a smart move since it gives you the opportunity to run ads under the post engagement objective. It will drive more engagement to the post. However, if the post is boosted from Instagram platform under the profile visits objective, it will generate more profile visits and eventually increase number of followers.

Be transparent on choosing winners

Choosing winners in very crucial on giveaways. If it doesn’t conduct in a proper and transparent manner, visitors may start complaining on the public. In that case, always mention the start and end dates clearly on the giveaway caption. When choosing, firstly take a list of contestants who have followed the required steps correctly. If the winner is selected based on the number of likes received for their comment or based on a correct answer for a question, it would not be that difficult to choose the winner. But if the winner is selected on random basis, make use of Instagram winner picker or a names wheel to identify the lucky champ.

Tools to use :

Also, do not forget to turn off commenting before the beginning of winner selection process. Otherwise, new entries will be popped up even after the eligible contestants are selected.

Expect the reduction of followers after the end

Right after the giveaway is ended, you may experience a reduction in followers and likes. Reason for this strange behavior is, once the winners are announced, some people are used to unfollow the accounts which they had followed only for the sake of grabbing the gift.

Be alert on scams and fake profiles

Once the giveaway is announced, there can be so many scams take place specially on Instagram. Scammers will rename one of their fake profiles with a brand name similar to yours and keep it active. They will upload the giveaway post with recent images which had been published before.

For an example if your brand name is ABC Travels; there will be another profile with ABC Travel (Final S is missing). Their intention is to steal the engagement from your giveaway and increase the followers for these duplicate fake accounts.

Do not expect the ideal target audience to onboard

People do chase giveaways like crazy. It is a part of the lifestyle of some people. Therefore, once the giveaway is announced no matter what, people will start responding for it. In that case you will not interact with the ideal target audience on your posts and profiles. If you are targeting mass affluent audience with FMCG products or common services, this scenario will not be an issue. But if your product domain belongs to a niche segment, this approach would not be the best to take on.



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